Singular Marketing

Each person has a unique way of being and different view of life. Let’s show that unique and special touch you have to offer which distinguishes you from the others. 

Let’s work together to make authentic and emotional connections with your customer or audience. 


Your PURPOSE: Why do you exist? What do you do here? Your Great Service.

Let’s to connect people with your purpose through what we will create, curate and communicate.

Our Plans Include
Why Singular?
Content Creation

We will create and post content that will inform, educate, excite and engage your followers. 

Organic Content

Increasing organic reach is easy. Your customers not only buy, they also learn, have fun and entertain themselves while they get to know more about your company or business.

Lead Ads

With Lead Ads campaigns we will generate lists of potential clients, obtaining better results than traditional lead generations tactics.

Stock Photos?

There is time for everything. Even to have fun creating authentic photos of your business with your team. Your customers will notice it and will not hesitate to visit you. Customers appreciate “real” photos.


Of course!!! Videos of 30 to 45 seconds, and no longer than 1 minute are the preferred content for your audience in 2018.  Viva Las Arepas video post.

Dedicated Team

You will be part of a dedicated, dynamic team specialized in Social Media Marketing, that will complement your Marketing plan and take part in your business events.

Don’t Get Mad…Get Skills!
 We really appreciate having Billy Wigley’s company, Don’t Get Mad…Get Skills! as a client and we follow every step he takes to keep leading on-site Excel training for businesses and one on one Excel coaching.

Billy Wigley You rock too! I also look forward to watching your business explode!
-Singular Social Media Marketing
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